These rules may be called the Plastics Manufacture, Sale and Usage Rules, 1999.]


They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

   The provisions of rules 4 and 8 shall not apply to the manufacture of carry bags exclusively for export purpose, against an order for export received by the owner or occupier of the concerned manufacturing unit.

In these rules unless the context requires,


"Act" means the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986(29 of 1986)


“carry bags” means plastic bags which have a self carrying feature commonly known as vest type bags or any other feature used to carry commodities such as “D” punched bags; as illustrated in the Annexure to these rules;


“commodities” includes articles such as vegetables, fruits, pharmaceuticals and the like;


“container” means flexible or  rigid containers made of virgin plastics or recycled plastics with or without lid used to store, carry or dispense commodities;


“food-stuffs” means ready to eat food articles and food products, fast food, processed or cooked food in liquid, powder, solid or semi-solid form;


“registration” means registration of units manufacturing carry-bags and containers made of virgin or recycled plastics with the concerned State Pollution Control Board or Pollution Control Committee as the case may be;


“vendor” means a person who sells food stuffs packed or stored in plastic carry bags or containers.”


No person shall manufacture, stock, distribute or sell carry bags made of virgin or recycled plastic bags which are less than 8 x 12 inches {20 x 30 cms} in size and which do not conform to the minimum thickness specified in rule 8.


No vendor shall use carry bags made of recycled plastic for storing, carrying, dispensing or packaging of foodstuffs.


No vendor shall use containers made of recycled plastics for storing, carrying, dispensing or packaging of foodstuffs”

Explanation. -  For the purposes of this rule, the minimum weight of 50 carry bags made of virgin or recycled plastics shall be 105 gms. plus or minus 5% variation and the carry bags of larger sizes shall be of proportionate increase in weight.]