The National Green Tribunal Act, 2010

Ministry of Law And Justice
(Legislative department)

New Delhi, the 2nd June, 2010/Jyaistha 12, 1932 (Saka)

The following Act of Parliament received the Assent of the President on the 2nd June, 2010, and is hereby published for general information:-
(No. 19 of 2010)
[2nd June, 2010]
An Act to provide for the establishment of a National Green Tribunal for the effective and expeditious disposal of cases relating to environment protection and conservation of forests and other natural resources including enforcement of any legal right relating to environment and giving relief and compensation for damages to persons and property and for matters connected there with or incidental thereto.
And whereas India is party to the decisions taken at the United Nations Conference on  the Human Environment held at stockholm in June, 1972, in which India participated, Calling upon the States to take appropriate steps for the protection and improvement of the human environment.
And Whereas decisions were taken at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held at Rio de janeiro in June, 1992 in which India participated, calling upon the states to provide effective access to judicial and administrative proceedings, including redress and remedy and to develop national laws regarding liability and compensation for the victims of pollution and other environmental damage;
And whereas in the judicial pronouncement in India, the right to healthy environment has been construed as a part of the right to life under article 21 of the Constitution;
And whereas it is considered expedient to implement the decisions taken at the aforesaid conferences and to have a National Green Tribunal in view of the involvement of multi-disciplinary issues relating to the environment.
Be it enacted by parliament in he Sixty-first Year of the Republic of India as follows;